Score 7.7 (out of 10): VANGUARD REAL ESTATE ETF sets up for +6% rally in 3 months


What’s Going On Here?

Investors are not just buying real estate ETF shares because of the reopening, but also due to optimism about storage and supply chains. The big increases in single-family home prices is unprecedented in a recession and provides a lot of heard room for apartment REITs, some analysts claim.

Why Now?

VANGUARD REAL ESTATE ETF has triggered a new price range signal. During similar occasions, VANGUARD REAL ESTATE ETF shares had a median return of +6%, over the following 3 months – based on 10 historical occasions with 9 of those showing positive returns (90%). This buy signal for VANGUARD REAL ESTATE ETF received a high score of 7.7 (out of 10). This insight was generated on 2021-November-29 with last price of 108.

What’s This Company About?

VANGUARD REAL ESTATE ETF is in the Sector Fund-Real Estate business. Based on the last 2 years’ risk/return profile, this asset is seen as Moderate Risk. Ticker symbol: VNQ US.

What’s My Risk / Reward and Time Horizon?

We found 3 months to be the optimal trade horizon, after testing a number of possible alternatives (accuracy of previous returns). Otherwise consider closing out this trade once the target level of 114.52 (+6%) has been reached. Based on VANGUARD REAL ESTATE ETF’s recent up and down swings, LongShortBets suggests considering to set a stop loss level for this insight at 104.2 (last price at 108), which is equivalent to a -3.5% decline.

Returns during similar periods:

The chart above shows the previous returns (in %) based on similar setups with the most recent ‘insight’ shown under (1), the second most recent ‘insight’ shown under (2), etc. 

Previous episodes:

3.8% (August-2021), 19.3% (March-2021), 8.3% (December-2020), 5.2% (September-2020), 19.4% (May-2020), -12.6% (February-2020), 3.5% (November-2019), 6.9% (August-2019), 4.8% (April- 2019), 11.3% (December-2018).

Historical Chart:



Star (1 to 10)7.7
Time3 months
Hit Rate90%

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