Score 8.1 (out of 10): ISHARES MSCI MEXICO ETF sets up for +7.2% rally in 1 month


What’s Going On Here?

The iShares MSCI Mexico ETF seeks to track the investment results of a broad-based index composed of Mexican equities.

Why Now?

ISHARES MSCI MEXICO ETF has triggered a new technical analysis ‘rally reversal’ signal. During similar occasions, ISHARES MSCI MEXICO ETF shares had a median return of +7.2%, over the following 1 month – based on 10 historical occasions with 8 of those showing positive returns (80%). This buy signal for ISHARES MSCI MEXICO ETF received a high score of 8.1 (out of 10). This insight was generated on 2022-October-4 with last price of 46.

What’s This Token About?

ISHARES MSCI MEXICO ETF is in the Country Fund-Mexico business. Based on the last 2 years’ risk/return profile, this asset is seen as Very Risky. Ticker symbol: EWW US .

What’s My Risk / Reward and Time Horizon?

We found 1 month to be the optimal trade horizon, after testing a number of possible alternatives (accuracy of previous returns). Otherwise consider closing out this trade once the target level of 49.29 (+7.2%) has been reached. Based on ISHARES MSCI MEXICO ETF’s recent up and down swings, LongShortBets suggests considering to set a stop loss level for this insight at 44.4 (last price at 46), which is equivalent to a – 3.5% decline.

Returns during similar periods:

The chart above shows the previous returns (in %) based on similar setups with the most recent ‘insight’ shown under (1), the second most recent ‘insight’ under (2), etc.

Previous episodes:

-7.7% (May-2022), 8.8% (February-2022), 6.8% (December-2021), 0% (October-2021), 2.6% (July-2021), 5% (February-2021), 8.8% (July-2020), 12.4% (April-2020), 7.6% (December-2019), 9.7% (August-2019).

Historical Chart:


Star (1 to 10)8.1
Time1 month
Hit Rate80%

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