Score 8.6 (out of 10): DEXCOM INC poised to seasonally rally by 24.5% during the next 90 days.



DEXCOM INC indicates an interesting 90 days seasonal set up. During similar occasions, DEXCOM INC shares had a median return of +24.5% – based on 10 historical occasions with 9 of those showing positive returns (90%). This buy signal for DEXCOM INC received a high score of 8.6 (out of 10). This insight was generated with last price of 637.09. DEXCOM INC is in the Drug Delivery Systems business. Based on the last 2 years’ risk/return profile, this asset is seen as Less Risky. Ticker symbol: DXCM US.


Star (1 to 10)8.6
Time90 days
Hit Rate90%

Returns during similar periods:

The chart above shows the previous returns (in %) based on similar setups with the most recent ‘insight’ shown under (1), the second most recent ‘insight’ shown under (2), etc. 

Previous episodes:

12.7% (November-2021), 47.7% (November-2020), 10.4% (November- 2019), 15.1% (November-2018), 30.6% (November-2017), -17.6% (November-2016), 34.2% (November-2015), 38.8% (November-2014), 18.5% (November-2013), 47.3% (November-2012)

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